dj timriddim

the truth

my real name is Timon Ruhemann, I was born in 1964 and as a kid I had already decided that my surname didn’t really reflect my personality – that was the reason for becoming a drummer, a bass singer and a DJ. I have been working as a musician for forty years – twenty-seven of those professionally.

how it all began

Like many others I started my musical career in a children’s choir and had lessons in an Orff percussion ensemble. At the early age of eleven I began to develop my DJ skills with 7” records and tapes – recorded mainly from broadcasts. My main motivation was to avoid dancing cheek-to-cheek with girls. At thirteen I started playing drums and through the mid-eighties I played in several bands and deejayed in local clubs. I’ve had to balance my love for live playing with my love for deejaying. – since the end of the nineties the deejaying and live playing have just about equalled out. Sometimes, at weddings or private parties, I get to do both! My addiction for buying records, though, has remained the same throughout.

my music

I prefer to play and combine a wide variety of styles and genres, although I also play special interest music. My collection contains the musical highlights of the last eighty years – from very old recordings published in the late 1920s on Shellac and phonograph…up to current chart music. In addition to countless corporate events and weddings, I’ve run tea dances in old folks’ homes and got the kids rocking along to Pipi Longstocking at kindergarten parties. I also do music consulting so if you are looking for rare and special music for your project I’m sure to have some good ideas for it.

Best wishes,