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Simply Unique!

The instruments are 100% handmade and almost completely made from recycled materials and remnants. All of them are unique and, even if they look similar, sound different. They can also be modified and adapted to your own tonal ideas. Of course you are welcome to visit this page and get some ideas, start tinkering and working on them yourself – if you come up with one of your own, I would be happy to receive photos of your creations.  

Go Go Shaker

The Go Go Shaker consists of a wooden shaker and up to 4 bronze metal plates (cut from old cymbals), which are played with a nail or chopsticks. Shaking and playing agogo figures simultaneously is already a tricky exercise for advanced players and trains the rhythmic motoric skills not only for drummers and percussionists, but for non-musicians as well.  


The Guiro-RecoReco is a combination instrument of guiro and shaker, available either with or without gogo reeds (used for scraping). Reco Reco is a Brazilian instrument, which is played by scraping it with a screwdriver or similar item.   Not pictured are my washboards and other inventions, like the scraping harp. I also like to build according to your custom order, and prefer building out of recycled materials.  

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