Rhythmic motoric

What is “Rhythmic motoric”? “Rhythmic motoric” sounds more complicated than it actually is. In English it is called “muscle memory” – so rhythmic motoric is in essence a practice which trains the muscle memory. As an adult, one is pleasantly surprised attempting to do things not done since childhood: before you start, you are skeptical, but find that you do much better than expected. This is because the connections are still there, although you thought you had “forgotten” everything. Multitasking would be impossible without automation through rhythmic motor activity. Through many years of experience as a drum teacher for both young and old, I have designed games that appeal to people who think of themselves as having no sense of rhythm at all or who consider themselves unmusical. I offer:
  • Individual lessons for beginners and advanced students.
  • Rhythmic motor skills for everyday life, true to the motto:
“Learning without practising is better than practising without learning”
    • Exercises which train coordination with movement sequences in such a way that polyrhythmics and micro-timings train the body in a playful way.
  We meet every Tuesday at 4.45 pm o’clock in the youth centre of the Königstadt at U-Bahnhof Senefelder Platz – Saarbrücker str. 24 The comprehensive connection between sports training and musical education. If you’d like to to know more, you can contact me in one of the following ways mobile: 0173 307 23 01 Email: t-mon@web.de FB Chat: Timon Ruhemann WhatsApp and Carrier Pigeon by special request