modern times

After decades of carrying heavy records, I’m happy to work as a hard-disk-jockey, so I mainly DJ with laptops (two for safety reasons). There are many advantages for the listener, as I’m much faster in finding and playing requests so I can concentrate on the mood of the audience, and last but not least with my archive of 150.000 songs I can vary even in the rarest styles.

vinyl requests

Only as a special request I still DJ with CD’s and turntables, where I prefer my 7” 45 collection. But also from my archive you will hear many tunes from vinyl, since I encoded almost all of the audio material from my 3500 records and about 6000 CDs. I could play music almost 1 year non-stop, day & night, without repeating myself.

what’s playing?

My PA is capable to entertain up to 200 people indoors. To get prepared, I exchange do & don’t list’s with the host weeks before the party. Very useful is a chart of 70 different styles that can be rated. Although I’m an all-round DJ there are things I don’t play: no Tekkkno, no Hardcore Heavy Metal, no modern Country and no German Volksmusik.