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In turn, you can open a private store in front of the NPCs giving the quests so players that wanted to complete the quests will have easy access to those required materials. You’ll also find players looking for hard-to-find materials via Trade Channel. Most of the time, they’ll be looking for proc’d items and rare fluxes, randomly dropped by various mobs. Drops include LV50 gold belts (Karemiwen’s Band/ Leather Belt). She also the leg armor pieces of the LV50 blue Adma Elite’s armor set, as well as the leg armor pieces of the LV50 green Adma Guard’s armor pieces. This area covers the patch of land north of the village right before you reach Red Lava Cliff. He is known to drop a LV30 blue Supervisor’s Chain Greaves, and a LV20 Experienced Lepharist Mask. He hits hard so he may be though to solo but should be manageable with a partner. Wasteland Drakies are known to drop LV27 white Patriot’s weapons or armors, green LV29 Mirage weapons, greater ordinary and greater weapon fluxes or even white L27 Oasis accessories. Wild Tipolids in the area have the chance to drop LV29 Mirage weapons, LV29 Inception accessories, ordinary and greater fluxes, white Patriot’s weapons and Oasis accessories. If you’re lucky you might even obtain random LV28 stigmas from them as well. Contaminated Plumas appear only by day and may also drop a few greens, including a LV19 Wind Breeze Dagger which is a good weapon upgrade for any Assassin at this point. Clerics and Chanters can hunt these guys for their green Mirage Chain Greaves, Temple Guard’s Helm and even a LV17 ordinary Hill Mace.

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These green equipment are not soul bound so you can use it for the meantime then sell it once you find a better upgrade. Finally, a LV13 elite mob named Gulux roams the ice lake, pretty much the counterpart of Verteron’s Paksique. This monstrosity hits hard and is meant to be taken down by several players. Long range snarers like rangers, sorcerers and spiritmasters can probably take it down solo but there won’t be that many chances that its presence alone won’t pull other players from attacking it. The experience it drops is good, especially if you defeated it alone. If you’re lucky, you may get a Weald Bandana as the best drop or a Small Petrahulk Fragment that can be sold for 200 kinah or worse, a Lesser Elemental Stone. Altgard Ice Lake LV Tentacled Lobnites can be farmed for their Elemental Stones, alchemy materials needed to create some low level yet potent potions. They may also drop a LV14 green weapon, Frozen Dagger, which is an ideal upgrade for Assassins. It can still be sold 3950 kinah via merchant NPC but you can sell it at a higher price via Trade Broker. They are also known to drop LV12 green Midnight Chain Boots – an immediate upgrade to Clerics and Chanters. aion ancient coin vendor If you are playing a class such as Cleric, Chanter, Songweaver, or Spiritmaster, and are confident in your abilities, you could attempt to complete the Steel Rose instances solo since those drop more AC. Fire Temple Elyos can access the fire temple after completing the quest called The Fire Temple Key. Hunt down Raging Obscuras and Chaotic Temptresses in Eltnen’s Kyola Temple until they drop the key. Once you have the key, use it to start the quest, then talk to Acteon to complete the quest. Just turn right from the central room and you should find the door there.

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Queen Klawterun is the mini-boss found in the Klaw Spawning ground, south of the area. Its entrance is a narrow path on the side of the mountains and can easily be spotted by the roaming klaws nearby. You can obtain green LV32 Klawterun’s armor for any class, as well as Klawterun’s Tears, a LV32 green earring from her. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide ordinary/worthy/expert fine fluxes from these mobs as well. All taygas in the area may drop a green LV42 material item called Tayga Skin which is used for crafting Tayga Leather Leggings, Leather Shoes or Tayga Leather Necklace. Ice Claw Baza is a strong, uncommon tayga spawn that may drop LV40 greens such as Baza’s Jewel or Baza’s Staff, as well as Baza’s Ring. Chieftain Zarchiel may drop a couple of green LV43 items such as Zarchiel’s Belt or Zarchiel’s Shield. Grave Sparkles may drop Night Sky Shields and Swords which are good upgrades you can find at the moment. Vengeful Ghosts have a large variety of item drops so you can stick around and hunt them if you wish. Some of the notable drops you can get would be the Night Sky Dagger and Warhammer, as well as the usual green LV7 Aldelle’s armor and shoes. Rusty Threehands is a larger-than-normal ghost that sometimes appear in the graveyard. Defeatin him will reward you with various armors for all classes and a nice weapon for mages. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide of the items randomly dropped by mobs in the same level range. Wasteland Drakes can also drop Drake Bones, which in turn can be crafted for LV27 green Wyvern Chain Helm, Wyvern Helm, Wyvern Jewel and Wyvern Sword. Ferocious Gryphus can also possibly drop one of the two possible greens, including Tropical Tome which price starts very much the same as the Dagger that Abexes drop as well as Mirage Shoes. Condors are hard hitters and aggressive too so make sure you have full HP whenever you engage them. They’re abundant in the other side of the cave, in Talun’s Nest. Kinah though it is not guaranteed if there are willing players that will buy it at a much higher price, should you decide to sell it. May consider stacking up MP Boost; however, Magical Accuracy is favored since it also increases their chances of successfully bypassing the target’s resistance and easier time to inflict status effects on the target. Spiritmasters Since Spiritmasters are also spellcasters, they’ll need to equip Magic Boost and Magical Accuracy manastones to make them more effective in battle. They too have skills that inflict status ailments, especially their dreaded Fear skill so Magical Accuracy will help a lot in ensuring that their spells will always hit. Clerics Clerics may stack up HP, Magical Boost and Shield Block. Unfortunately, Magical Boost does not improve their healing spells; just the damage of their spells. Iollu Forest/ Iollu Hills Mobs in this level range have the possibility to drop LV45 white Blizzard weapons or armor, LV47 white Offering accessories, green LV45 Oblivion accessories or green LV45 Torment armors. There is still a chance for them to drop LV45 blue Luminary weapon, armor or accessories. Common raw materials such as Tough Rawhides, Major Elemental Stones, and Ordinary/Worthy/Expert Superb fluxes can be acquired from them. They can still drop random world drop items such as godstones, LV50 manastones, LV45+ green/blue designs, LV45+ skillbooks or LV45+ stigma stones. Ranger Agueria is a trico that randomly appears in the northern and sourthern portions of the forest.

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There is a chance to obtain LV27 green Fidelio’s weapons from him , a LV27 green ring called Fidelio’s Soul or a random LV26 Contaminated or 27 green Sura’s armor instead. Gribade Canyon Sprigg Outlaws have the possibility to drop some good LV17 protective “Restless” gears, a few manastones as well as all types of minor fluxes. Read more about simplex buy crypto here. Keep an eye out for Karat Ikid, a LV18 sprigg outlaw that patrols the whole canyon road. Since it can’t be traded only gladiators and templars should spent time hunting this mob. He roams the whole length of the canyon path and it’s said to have a one hour respawn time to all channels. He drops Sirotata’s Hauberk , Sirotata’s Leather Gloves, Sirotata’s Shoes and Sirotata’s Tunic. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide He drops LV37 green Moomba’s weapons and a LV37 green ring called Moomba’s Tear. Mean Tukroll is a named troll located in the southwestern part of the caldera. It drops LV37 green weapons such as Tukroll’s Dagger, Sword , Tome and Warhammer as well as a LV37 green earring (Tukroll’s Skull Earring). In addition, it can also drop a material item Troll Blood which is a main reagent in crafting LV36 green Rebirth Book, Jerkin, Leather, Leggings and Shoes. Timolia Mine (LV8-10) These enemies drop basic items, with the inclusion of manastones and power shards, so you don’t need to spend too much time farming items and kinah from them. Dukaki Thugs may drop a green called Cliona Cloth Shoes that you can sell to LV7+ mages; however, its not worth your trouble since its auto-price starts at 1300 kinah. Supervisor Duaguru, the “boss” of this area doesn’t have anything significant to drops so don’t waste time farming him because he’s unique. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide Her “common” drops include a random LV35 Flame head gear for any class, a blue LV35 Kromede’s Necklace or a LV37 blue material item called Stone of Silence. This stone is used for crafting LV37 blue Fancy Judge’s Necklace, Judge’s Chain Gloves or Judge’s Gauntlets. Armored Wing Sparkles are confirmed to drop blue Fate armor pieces as well, alongside with Healing Conduit and Ignite Aether stigma stones. Pointed Starcrabs drop Revenge gears and occasional worthy fluxes. Spriggle Wardens are also listed to drop a LV25 gold Departed Soul’s Gauntlets. You can also obtain LV23-26 designs from them, worthy fluxes, Betrayer’s, Revenge, Freezing and Tundra equipment pieces from them. Subaku is an aggressive spriggle boss that is wandering in the middle of the Sprigg Habitat. He looks like any normal spriggle here so you won’t immediately recognize him unless you highlight him. He randomly drops LV25 green Subaku’s gloves for all classes, as well as the possibility of getting weapons such as Subaku’s Jewel, Longbow and Spear. King Zugog is a giant potcrab that randomly spawns near the waterfall area of Sprigg Habitat. You need a group to take him down since he hits hard and has very high HP. Tough Rawhides, Major Elemental Stones, and Worthy/Expert/Ordinary Superb fluxes can be obtained from them as well. There are also slim chances of mobs here to drop random godstones, LV50 manastones, LV44+ skillbooks or LV44-48 range of stigma stones. Petrified Koar is a named caryatid in the southeastern side of the Dirmoi Shrine. It drops LV47 green items such as Koar’s Leather Pauldrons, Koar’s Chain Gloves or Koar’s Tome. The leather pauldrons and chain gloves are part of the Theobomos Leather and Chain sets which can only be completed by defeating other named bosses scattered in the area. Rare blue gears such as LV38 Destructive armors, LV39 Destructive Head gears, accessories, LV40 Destructive weapons or Shield can be acquired from these mobs though the drop rate is very low. Materials such as Major Elemental Stones, Tough Rawhides and ordinary/worthy/expert/ master superb fluxes can be acquired form them as well. Fine Power Shards, LV40-50 manastones, 40+ crafting designs and random stigma stones can be dropped by normal mobs here. Random godstones can also drop on very, very rare occasions from any mob LV41+ Frostspirits in the area may drop a LV42 green material item called Mau Soul Crystal. This is necessary for crafting LV42, 325p green ‘Peaceful’ items such as Peaceful Belt, Ring or Tunic. aion ancient coin vendor Petrahulks in the area may drop a LV44 green material item called Ice Petrahulk Fragment which is a main reagent for crafting LV44, 345p green “Ice” items such as Ice Dirk, Stave or Earring. Eto the Living Glacier is a rare petrahulk spawn that drops a couple of green LV44 weapons (Etote’s Spear, Greatsword) and a LV44 green Etote’s Ring. Mobs here may drop LV32 Volcano weapons and LV34 white Volcano armors, LV37 white Barrens weapons, LV32 green Cursed armors, LV34 Offering green weapons, LV37 Tainted armors and LV30 green Fascination accessories. Queen Kint is the boss found in the easternmost side of the Klaw Habitat. Akairun of Medeus is a LV47 legendary boss that requires an alliance to beat and a short sidequest to access. Its best drops include LV46 gold Fatal weapons , LV46 blue weapons such as Akairun’s Sword, Warhammer and Dagger. You can also obtain LV46 blue Akairun’s head gears for any class, Akairun’s Sapphire/Diamond Earrings or Akairun’s Shield. It also drops a LV47 blue material item called Akairun’s Horn which is used for crafting Akairun’s Helm and Spear. Personally, I use the shield for the queen run later, so I don’t mind the slight detour into Muculent Grotto or The Swarmspring. He sells alot of cool items in addition to the one you need to complete this quest. Instances are dedicated dungeons which a group can enter and clear for various rewards and possible dropped loot. Instances have level restrictions and a lockdown period which prevents immediate return trips to an instance until its cleared. Since instances are group-oriented, expect to find elite mobs and bosses. This is an end-game instance that can only be started once you’ve reached LV50. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide you want to progress further in the ship’s mid section. Her unique drops include a LV44 blue belt called Bovariki’s Waist Band or a LV44 green Bovariki’s Ring. Fearless Doni is a rare kurin spawn that may drop LV41 greens such as Doni’s Earrings and random Doni’s boots/ shoes when defeated. It drops random LV38 green Alfi’s leggings/ greaves, as well as Alfi’s Warhammer or Longbow. Theobomos Lab Mobs here may drop Major Elemental Stones, random LV40 manastones, ordinary/worthy/ expert or master grade premium fluxes and random LV47-50 equipment drops with varying rarity. Golem Spirit Nomura may drop LV50 Ancient Spirit’s Ruby Ring or Ancient Spirit’s Sapphire Earrings that are part of the Ancient Spirit Ruby/Sapphire accessory set. It also drops glove pieces of the LV50 blue Berserk Spirit armor set. Nomura also drops gloves and shoe pieces of the LV50 green Clandestine armor set. Alquimia Research Center This is the Asmodian counterpart of Aetherogenetics Lab. Mobs and bosses here have a higher chance to drop random LV42 skill books and LV43 green Alquimia Lepharist armors.
  • This is the very first instance that you’ll access to once you hit LV25.
  • Upon, reaching level 65, you will have access to the Idian Depths where there are many one-time quests which reward AC.
  • LV41+ mobs also has the chance to drop higher quality materials such as Major Elemental Stones, Tough Rawhides and ordinary/worthy/expert or even master Superb fluxes.
  • Please, do not raise this topic in the game or we will have to set punishments.
  • The best stuff you can get from grinding them would be worthy greater fluxes, random LV28 stigmas, LV29 green Mirage weapons or shield, white Patriot’s armors, green LV27 Pit armors or LV30 Pit helms.
Equipment farming in the other hand, is hunting mobs because of their valuable loot, normally high level equipment that can’t be created through crafting. Normally, the target for these kind of hunts are elite mobs (look for the number of white dots in the orb to the left of their names. The more dots, the higher the rank of the mob) and named, semi-boss/hero mobs . However, they do drop high level green/blue accessories and equipment so farming them is worth the trouble. Golden Eye Mantutu is the main boss of the ship’s middle level. He drops a LV44 Shulack Sailor’s leggings/greaves, gloves pieces of the LV44 blue Shulack Pirate’s armor set or better yet leggings/greaves pieces of the LV44 gold Steel Beard Pirate’s armor set. Fregion’s Flame Flesheater Chooh is a named mob that may drop LV47 green armor pieces to complete the Theobomos Chain and Plate armor sets. If you have already completed the contaminated soil quest , you can simply head straight to the bosses, killing only what you must instead of clearing everything. This way, you bypass two or three of the four lower rooms and all accompanying time-wasting mobs — all depending if you guess Gellmar’s spawn point correctly. However, you must kill Ancient Octanus in the first room to remove the vine barrier to continue. Do not open a cocoon near Shishir — the NPC pet will seriously slow you down. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide Anuhart Legionary armor pieces, this boss drops the pauldrons. Empyrean Lords Sanctuary Mobs here randomly drop LV44 white Ruin armors, LV47 white Storm head gears and accessories, LV44 green Ancient weapons. LV43-45 blue Luminary armors, weapons and accessories may also drop off from them but very rarely. Material items such as Tough Rawhides, Major Elemental Stones, and Worthy/Expert/Ordinary Superb fluxes. Mobs here also has the chance to drop random godstones, LV50 manastones, LV44+ skillbooks or LV42-45 stigma stones. Parched Barrens Mobs here are at least LV45 so don’t visit this area unless you’re at least LV40 otherwise you won’t be able to deal that much damage to them. Common mobs in the area randomly drop LV44 white Ruin armors, LV47 white Storm head gears and accessories, LV44 green Ancient weapons and for lucky looters, LV43-45 blue Luminary armors, weapons and accessories. Common collectibles would be Tough Rawhides, LV50 manastones, Major Elemental Stones, and Worthy/Expert/Ordinary Superb fluxes. Mobs here also has the chance to drop random godstones, LV44+ skillbooks or LV42-45 stigma stones. Assassins and Rangers can also score Mirage Leather Leggins and Hill Hat from these birds as well. Lonely Mepisto is a unique, LV18 Mob that appears only during the night and looks like any other Elyos Spirit so its easy to miss him without highlighting his name. However, this blue equipment can’t be traded or shared making it exclusive to the character that finds it. If you’re playing another character other than a templar or gladiator, there is no use to hunt this guy. Also, the drop rate for this rare equipment is not ascertained. This 3-socketed blue equipment is a must for any templar or gladiator at this point because of its massive HP and Physical Def boost. You can get a LV20 green Black Claw Staff as well as ordinary “Plateau” protective gears from them, as well as refining stones (including a green Parry+19) and refining stones. You should track down and farm the Watch Commander is known to drop Restless Chain Pauldrons and Restless Plate Greaves. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide greens like Frozen Spear and Midnight Hat. Chieftain Manumumu is the boss of this area and can be seen patrolling the southern part of the village. He is accompanied by two LV16 sentinels so you may want to engage him with at least a partner with you or “pull” him to isolation. He hits hard and the ranged attacks of his sentinels are really just annoying but as long as you keep your HP up and you hit him hard, you’ll be fine. He drops two unique green items, Manumumu’s Glasses and Manumumu’s Wedding Ring, both are good equipment to have early on. Munihele Forest LV4-6 White Foot Darus, Groove Sparkies, Half-Moon Darus and Wood Sparkies all drop possible green “Fiend” equipment. Hammerhoof is a special half-moon Daru that frequents the southeastern portion of the forest. It drops a LV6 Durin’s Leather Belt and three possible green foot gears. If you’re lucky, you may even score random blue and rare equipment such as LV25 Fate weapons, LV28 Wisdom armors or LV29 Wisdom accessories. You can also obtain Thick Rawhides, Elemental or Greater Elemental Stones, Worthy/Ordinary Greater fluxes and random manastones. You may also obtain various stigma stones of the same level range. Bluejaw and Red Thorn Monitors may drop a LV31 green material item needed for crafting LV31, 215p green Monitor’s Leather Belt or Monitor’s Leather Gloves. Havenjark Farm Mobs at this level range may drop LV22 white Foreign accessories, LV22 white Tundra weapons, helms or shields, LV24 white tundra armors, LV22 green Dispassionate or Revenge armors.
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